Closed Cell

Superior Comfort & Indoor Air Quality

Closed Cell

The closed cell 2-pcf foam can be spray-applied into open wall cavities, crawlspaces, perimeter joists, cathedral ceilings, and garage ceilings at a maximum total thickness of 6".

All application surfaces must be free of oil, grease, dust and debris. Surface must be dried prior to application of spray foam. Excess humidity may cause poor adhesion, and result in product failure. To avoid overspray, product should not be applied when conditions are windy.

The final product yield is dependent on spray conditions and spray techniques.

  • Closed Cell Performance:
  • A high R-Value minimizes hot and cold spots in a home to improve efficiency and comfort.
  • Rigidity provides added structural integrity to walls.
  • As a secondary moisture vapor barrier, it helps reduce the risk of moisture intrusion in the wall cavity
  • Closed Cell Benefits:
  • Outstanding energy efficiency
  • Superior comfort and indoor air quality
  • Enhanced moisture management
  • Added structural integrity
  • Excellent sound control

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